Story size for Tablets

Hi all,

I am looking for the optimum size for modules to be viewed primarily on 10" Samsung Tablets, but still also look good on desktops, laptops and possibly s5 galaxy phones.

I have searched the forums but haven't come up with a definitive answer.

Currently all of our modules have been built out as 1138x640 which I assumed (yes bad mistake right there) had been chosen due to the devices used. However now I have been here for a few weeks and used some of the devices it seems that this size was chosen at random and doesn't work very well at all.

The modules are sitting on a Moodle LMS and most don't appear to open in their own window although I am not sure that their is any reason for this other than that seems to be the Moodle default.

I am going to test some different options etc but am hoping someone may have some experience doing similar and help save me some time?

Thanks in advance!

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