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Dave Goodman

Nick - rethink how you use SL360 and Review. Place your styb text directly into SL360 screens (using H1 as a header places that directly into a new screen), narration scripts as notes, graphics (if completed) into the screen. You can always do final image placement and interactions later. Add any notations in a tab or simple layer. When complete, take your SL360 work into Review for your clients/editors revisions - just send them the url. This will provide a history of the client's reviews/revisions, a simple way to make your changes, and, you have made a major dent in the design and development phase of your project - everything is already in SL360.

Nick Garrod

Hi David, that is a good approach - it works for me, the difficulty lies with the people I send scripts on to review - not always the most computer savvy and prefer to read something like a script - hence the use of Word files and probably why Google Docs will probably be the best approach - I can share a URL and they can simple edit the copy online.