Storyline 1 Player. SIDEBAR or Not to Sidebar

Mar 08, 2016

I'm new to Storyline and I want a mobile friendly course (but also PC/Mac friendly). I've made some layout templates - before I dive in - however, I'm not sure whether I ought to include the Sidebar with the Menu, Glossary and Notes or just not to bother at all? Will I need them? Most examples I've seen do not include them. My concern is that if I do use the Sidebar this will significantly affect the screen real-estate on mobile/cellphones. If I exclude them where do I put the content?


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Justin McDowell


I can't seem to find the post with the attached Storyline file, because I would give the credit to the person who built this, but this might be something to look into. You can eliminate the sidebar all together and use a slider for the information if they need it. 

Hope this helps. 

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