Storyline 2 - Allow to skip a slide if a certain slide is visited?

Hello everyone!

Hoping someone can help

I'm in the process of building a short e-learning with branching.  I would like for the learner to be able to Skip a certain slide if another one is visited prior.  

My e-learn has the learners make a choice to visit 1 2 or 3 - if they choose path 3 then, they dont have to visit slide 14, however if they choose 1 or 2 they do.  Is there a way to accomplish this?


Thank you


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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Andrea, 

It can be done with Trigger and True/False variables.

Let's use your example; Create a True/False variable for Slide 3. When it is visited, variable changes to False, and when the users click next on slide 13, they will be directed to Slide 15 if the Slide3 variable is False. 

Hope this helps.