Storyline 2: create an adaptative E-Learning course?

I need some information. I would like to build an adaptative e-learning course: to make a module where the initial positioning test would give access to some screens only. Is this possible with storyline 2?
I Know that an answer to a question can redirect someone to a specific screen but several answers to several screens (having all the questions at the beginning) is it possible? And if so, how?
I thank you all in advance for any help you could give me.

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Simon Blair

Hi Fabienne,

It's possible, but depending on how many questions and screens you want it may add up to a lot of work.

Here's a link to an adaptive course template I shared last year at DevLearn. I think it's the sort of thing you're looking for.
The pretest asks 5 questions, but the ones you'll be interested in are questions 1-3 (which map to the chapters for topics 1-3).

When the learner completes the pretest, we track whether they answered each question correctly (using variables PTQ1, PTQ2, PTQ3).
When they get to the chapter (slides 5.3, 6.3, and 7.3) we use those variables to decide whether to show additional content.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions,