Storyline 2 eLearning Food Science Game

Feb 17, 2015

Hey guys, thought we'd share a recent storyline project delivery for NC State and get some feedback maybe :]  

The storyline project holds 12 videos which can be accessed from the home screen representing a virtual dairy facility. The icons represent areas in the facility you can enter.  When you finish your score is submitted to a Word Press PHP leaderboard with javascript where you can "compete" against other classmates.  

Goal: Be able to Identify Good Manufacturing Principles in Food Production and prevent unnecessary illness or even death. 

Check it out Launch Project at let us know what you think, we can improve :]

NC State Food Science Storyline Game

Software: Storyline 2, Illustrator (Vector Art), Final Cut (Video), Maya (3D) 

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Adele Sommers

Hello, Ryan!

I'm just taking a quick tour of some of the segments, and would like to say first off that I think your interface design is very impressive! It has a clean and cohesive look to it, and you have obviously polished it to a highly sophisticated sheen.

After having viewed about five of the videos, I would like to suggest the following improvements — especially if the goal of this project is to teach as well as to "game":

1) Have a Storyline volume control visible so that learners can amplify the sound as the narrators are speaking. I found it difficult to discern some of the auditory points they were making, especially as they turned away from the camera.

2) Display at least a few key phrases in textual form on the screen, synched with the audio. Some learners may not anchor the key points unless they can see them visually connected with the relevant objects on the screen. This is especially true if the narrative introduces unfamiliar terms, such as the names of chemicals or specialized tools, equipment, and components. Although the transcript is simultaneously available to view on the right side (which is great to have), it does create a bit of a split-attention challenge when trying to follow along with it while also watching the video.

I'll try to go through it a bit more when I have time, but other than those comments so far, I think your project has great merit! Thanks for sharing it.


Jennifer Valley

Wow!  This is a great course!  I took a look at it using a Dell computer on Chrome with a wired internet connect and everything runs smoothly and looks great.

I love how you included the transcript and reference to actual policies when taking the quiz. It's a good mixture of providing the necessary compliance information without going through slide by slide.


I love the use of humor in the bathroom part!

I like Adele's suggestions and have two more for you:

I would suggest cutting the end of the exterior grounds video segment because it talks about what section is next (so you're not providing conflicting instructions).

For some reason ?'s are showing were an ' should be in your transcripts ;)

Ryan DeWitt

All great feedback, thanks Jennifer. Awesome you caught a video edit, and agree with that conflicting instruction there, and just fixed that. And yes, NC State has to meet 508 Accessibility standards by including the transcript. 

Thanks, we've worked really hard on it.  The team at the Howling Cow Ice-cream Facility , NC State Food Science and DELTA we're top notch.

Kenneth King

Hello Ryan,

A very nice project Sir!  I second Adele's comments from above.

I enjoyed the videos as I was a video editor previously.  I'm curious as to how long  Storyline2 took to process your videos?

Did you run into any issues with compression, resizing (which was very nice BTW) in the browser window, etc.?

I've recently incorporated a 1.5 hour log video and Storyline2 slowed down.  I also have extra RAM to help just for this reason.  :)

Enjoy your day.



Ryan DeWitt

Kenneth no resizing issues with this project.

I'm working another project that has 30 videos with a total play time of 1.2 hrs and that behaves well in SL2. In Publish, Resizes nicely however downloads are slower over wifi...still functional :]

I'm run latest version of SL2 on a Mac Book Pro with Parallels 10 , Windows 7, with 16mb Ram and 500MB of Video Ram. 

Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Ryan, 

Great Job! I like the theme you used to design this course and all works very well. However, there are few suggestions. As you have mentioned that there are 30 videos you have added in the course. I was little curious to know how does it look like when you run the same course in different devices. Specifications of devices are as given below.

Laptop (Core i7 Lenovo - Windows)
Iphone 5s
Mac OSX Yosemite 

1)The course worked well on my laptop and MAC, however, I am not able to see the videos on my iPhone 5s thou, I have installed Articulate App, but still it doesn't work. 

My suggestion, instead of adding and uploading all the videos in the project file. It is better to embed video from different server like youtube, or any other server. It will make a difference, also, uploading in Youtube will compress the file size without changing the quality of the video.

2)The other suggestion is to add volume control. 

3) I like the idea of adding transcript but I think it will be much better textual form on the screen, synched with the audio. Some learners may not need key points unless they can see them visually connected with the relevant objects.

Thanks for sharing. :)


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