Storyline 2 Return on Investment calculator - Looking for feedback!

Aug 05, 2016

Hey community peeps!

I had this idea of building a training Return on Investment calculator using Storyline 2, that would basically pull together everything from this article I wrote: How to Calculate the Cost-Benefit of E-Learning.

It took me awhile to get here, and I almost wanted to just quit on this a few times, but this is how the calculator looks now:

View Calculator

I've been testing it though and sometimes I run into an issue of the calculation of Total benefit - Total cost does not always add, and I can't quite figure out why. If anyone has any insights into the issue, please I'd love your feedback. I've attached the .story file. 

Otherwise I'd love just to have other community members test this out and give me their feedback: does it work? does it not work? are the instructions and tips clear in terms of whatinfo needs to be input into the calculator? do you have any improvements or tips to recommend? 

Thanks helpful community! 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Wendy! Great question! I wish I had a better answer than I just started working with those fields in my test file and since it seemed to work fine I kept using them. But that's the truth haha

Since the text entry fields accept alphanumeric entries as well as hyphens (in case of a negative number) I don't think there's a difference between using the two types of data entry fields BUT I'm often wrong and would love to know if there's something I'm missing? Can you think of anything that would change or work differently if I had use the numeric entry fields instead? 

Nicole Legault

Matthew - Good point, but that's a difference between text and number variables, not between the types of data entry fields. As displayed in my example, you can still use a text/data entry field and, while a Text Variable will be assigned by default, you can remove it and assign a number variable like I did and still do the calculations. 

Nicole Legault

Good point Matthew - so one good reason for using the numeric entry field as opposed to the alphanumeric data entry is to restrict learners from entering anything other than numbers in those fields that are intended for amounts. Great point Matthew!! Thanks for pointing that one out. Now I need to decide if I should go back and update all those entry fields..sigh! haha 

Thanks for the nice feedback Matthew - it DID take awhile to set up! I'm happy with how it's looking/working now but I think it could still use a few tweaks..

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