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This is my first 'look at what I did' post so be gentle

I've been working on a course for a client and knew some of the new Storyline 2 features would be a great addition, one of which I thought a few people might be interested to see.

Basically, I wanted to create something where the learner dragged the slider over words to find out more.  The design didn't work using the standard slider styles so I removed the 'fill' and placed the outline over individual squares.  I then added visited states on the words so they had another way to see their progress.

It was a bit of a faff to start (as I learnt how to do it) but I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and will do it in a fraction now I understand how to sliders work!

<BTW I've replaced the images and text with placeholders but you can see the general idea.>

Click here to see a demo version of slide.

What do you think?? - If anyone is interested in more detail on how to create this type of slider I'd be happy to provide more details.

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Mike Enders

HI Gill!

Thanks for sharing your example!  I love how you used the slider for this purpose.  I've been wondering how developers would create new and fun ways to implement the slider and you've nailed it!

The only tweak I might suggest would be to give the slider a little....I can't think of the term...visual emphasis?   I could imagine something like a glassy overlay of the square, or some small chevron arrow pointing down from the top of the square.  Basically, something that the learner wants to reach out and "touch" to drag.  

But yeah, I love this!  Awesome!


chadi El-Khoury

Hi Steve,

Is it possible to change the slider shape to something other than the default options? i.e square, rectangle, circle? If so, could you please instruct?

I changed the shape to a rectangle, and applied an image as the fill. Made the slider track invisible, and added an actual image of a track. Outcome, railcar on a track! This will work as long as the shape is pretty standard, but I would love to use something like a magnifying glass in other scenerios!

Steve Gannon

Sounds like you already figured it out, Chadi! Just use an image (such as a semi-transparent .png of a magnifying glass) to fill the slider shape.

To add impact using a magnifying glass, Gill could create a separate state for the text squares to make the text appear magnified when the slider was over it.

Little Man Project

Hi guys, thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

I don't think the magnifying glass idea will work with the overall design of this course but it's a great idea and I'm going to play with Mikes suggestion of at least making the square more inviting to touch for the learner.  I had wondered whether it wasn't a big enough target for learners so this has reinforced that concern.

chadi - love the train! I hadn't thought about using the fill with image facility...will definitely find a way to use this in the future.  I've been playing with the idea of doing a board game, just for fun or at least until I can sell the idea to someone.

Will be interesting to see what other ideas people have come up with.

Little Man Project

chadi El-Khoury said:

If only there was a way to curve or define the track path! The opportunities would be endless!

I was thinking of a straight board that triggered new sliders to appear when you reached the end of a section.  You could even have snakes that sent you back to another point.