Storyline 2 Variables & Triggers Dilemma

In it's simplest form, I have a 3 slide elearning. 1. Jump slide, 2. Good photo sample, 3. Bad photo sample. 

The Goal: One begins on the Jump slide and can select either destination. If you select Good, the Next button should take you to Bad. If you select Bad, Next is Good. If you've been to both, Next is back to Jump where the Exit button appears. This part of Storyline 2, I get, in theory. But I don't know how to set the triggers/variables to produce the results. May I have a clue, please? (I Can get the Exit button to show up if both pages are visited. It's showing whatever page they haven't viewed that has me stymied.)


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Crisa McCarty

By George, Jackson, I think that's going to work. Setting the variable made sense when I started. Eventually, I began second-guessing myself and deleted all of them. When the (in your example) selectedGood variable wasn't available on the Bad slide I began to be very confused! I'll give this a shot first thing in the morning!