Storyline 3 player menu button to trigger custom menu on the Master Slide???

Hello Heroes!

As is the subject title, is there a way for the built-in, or custom button, in the player to trigger a custom menu from the Master Slide? 

I had thought that I saw something like this some time ago, but have been able to find it again. I think I recall the use of javascript to call some code in the story...

Can anyone help!

Thank you!!!

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Russell Killips

Take a look at this project.

There is a number variable called viewMenu.

The custom button on the player executes javascript that toggles the viewMenu variable between 0 and 1.

Then there are triggers to show or hide the Menu layer on the master slide when that variable changes.

MarkAnthony Chesner

Russell... I have the menu up and running but I have a slide with audio on the main slide and questions on 5 layers with a show layer for the first question when the timeline starts; 1.7 Listening 1. When I call the menu, it sets the slide to the base

The story is kind of large...sorry....but I was worried that if I stripped it down, it would remove some functionalities....

Thank you again!!!!!

Russell Killips

Try using this javascript to hide it:

if (document.getElementById("link-left-0")) {
  document.getElementById("link-left-0").style.display = "none";

if (document.getElementById("link-0")) {
  document.getElementById("link-0").style.display = "none";

And this to show it:

if (document.getElementById("link-left-0")) {
  document.getElementById("link-left-0").style.display = "block";

if (document.getElementById("link-0")) {
  document.getElementById("link-0").style.display = "block";

MarkAnthony Chesner

Russell..........You Da Man!!!

You are truly not a hero, you are a demigod!!!!!

Could I ask one more little thing???? Could the menu be retracted when a user clicks outside of the menu anywhere on the slide....


Who can I write to brag about your help...?

MarkAnthony Chesner

Russell...thanks again for all your help!

This worked with the modules with open-ended questions; Text input.

My other modules have radio buttons across many layers on each slide and
the 'reset to initial state' removes their choice and empties the
Any ideas about a workaround for this????


Russell Killips

Instead of using Reset to initial state on slide 1.6:

1. Change the Menu layer slide property for When revisiting to 'Reset to initial state'.

2. For each button in the menu add a trigger that sets viewMenu to 0. Make sure this is the first trigger before the Jump to slide trigger.


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