Storyline 3 - Strange things happening



I just wondered if anyone had experienced some strange things happening in Storyline 3.

I recently updated a couple of projects that were created in Storyline 2 and a few odd things have happened.

  • When editing the project random base layer objects are appearing on other layers, even though they are definetley turned off.  I have had to unhide them and then hide them again for them to disappear.  Then when the project is published on occasion a different random object I know is on the base layer may appear.    On some slide layers i will just put a filled shape over the whole layer and send it to the back.  But that isn't practical on all layers.
  • On all slides I have the player buttons unchecked because I have custom buttons.  Everything is fine in preview. However when I publish on random slides the player buttons are there. 
  • On a couple of slides i have click boxes  on the base layer to take the learner to another layer.  i have set it up so when a use clicks the box it takes them to the layer and the box will change colour with a visitied state, when they are on that layer,  they click the next box they can see the visitied state on the previous box.   It works fine in preview biy when published I can only click on the first box and see the first layer,  the boxes are visible but unclickable.

Any ideas?



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Marc Taylor

Hi Michelle,

Although I don't have a solution for you, my colleagues and I have been having the same issue.

I've been driven to distraction by objects with the same exact properties behaving in different ways, writing a simple javascript executable which wouldn't work but when I copied and pasted it in to a carbon copy version it would work.


My colleague noticed the previous click and forward swipe functions had been enabled on a project even though they are off by default with our player settings...

We have also had issues with formatting changing after publishing then going back to the source file only to realise that it is showing correctly in preview...

I just thought I'd add to the post as it's been leaving me questioning my sanity!

Monica Russell

Hi Michelle (and Marc)

Definitely not going mad and Marc, I appreciate the confirmation. I was just about to put my question on the board because my clickable buttons are not taking me to the layer that I set for them to trigger. I have even deleted the buttons and recreated them, but am still having the same problem. The buttons are simply not listening to me!