Storyline 360: Migrated Graphically Rich Legacy Gamified eLearning Course to HTML5


One of our clients reached us to get help in converting their legacy courses to HTML5 which was highly interactive and graphically rich. The expectation was to redevelop the course in Articulate Storyline 360 resembling Flash. Earlier we partnered with them for converting the legacy course conversion from Adobe Flash to HTML5, but this time they need gamification features. Articulate Storyline always surprises with its features and this time we could develop the gamified eLearning course without JavaScript. Here is a sample eLearning course with all the gamification features that were originally included in the actual course.

Let’s sneak-peek into the gamified eLearning course:

This course is all about the roles and responsibilities of a parcel/courier delivery boy. It includes,

Level Progress Indicator: There are 5 levels in total where you can see in which level you are when you progress through the course.

Score: There are questions that you must answer after each level, and this gives you a score of 10 when you attempt a correct answer. You will have two attempts to get each question right, and there is a wheel indicator for the score. So you can check your score by looking at the wheel. For the wrong answer, there is no point.

Three lives: There are three lives in total where you need to complete the course within the stipulated lives, elsewhere you must restart the course.

Performance Metrics: Based on the questions that you attempt, your performance will be matriculated and you will be awarded Good, Poor or Average at the end of the course.

Check out our course in action and share your views:

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