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Trina Rimmer

Hi Lesley. Here's how I like to think about it: if you want to create a course from a PowerPoint presentation, Studio 360 is a good starting point. With Studio 360, you can easily add audio narration, video, animations, and quizzes. 

If you're looking to build a custom course from scratch with features like decision-making scenarios or complex interactions, Storyline 360 is a good choice. Storyline 360 really lets you build pretty much anything you can imagine.

And with your 360 subscription you also have access to Rise, our new web-based authoring tool for quickly creating fully responsive e-learning. In my opinion, building courses in Rise is loads of fun. You can start off with text and media (e.g., images, video, audio, etc.) and insert your text and media content into several different pre-built lesson types like process interactions, sorting interactions, or quizzes—just to name a few. You can also create your own custom, scrolling lesson using Blocks. Blocks lessons include things like text blocks, tabs interactions, media galleries, etc. 

If you want to get the low-down on each of these tools and what they're best used for, I suggest checking out this article from Nicole Legault: Why You Need the Tools in Articulate 360 and When to Use Them. You may also find our short series of Getting Started Tutorials for Articulate 360 to be helpful.

Lesley Condon

Hi Trina! You've been very busy replying to all my questions tonight! I think Storyline may be the choice this time as they would like the scenarios and the branching activities, although it would have been easier in studio as its mass content in a small space. 

Thank you for your explanation it makes it very easy to choose. 

I have checked out Rise and its awesome as well but i need a few more quiz options at this stage for this project. 

Thanks Trina