Storyline 360 slowing down? Try this

Jan 07, 2017

This course I am building has grown to 120 Megs and I am just 75% done.  Every slide has a relevant background image (I am buying them from, medium and large JPEG).  So, Storyline slowed to a crawl at about slide 35.  I took to switching off  the BG JPEG and no more freezes and lockups.  Likely this has been commented on before but thought it worth mentioning.  

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Peter Burn

I set the visibility of the full screen JPG to false and work with a white screen.  When the full screen  JPG is visible Storyline slows down to a crawl, showing me a spinning doughnut or an "+" for what seems like forever.  This PC has 24 gigs of RAM and an i7 4790 CPU so processing power should not be an issue.

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