Storyline and GoAnimate make a powerful training combination!

Hi everyone,

I put together a short demo on how to fill out an online auto loan form. I used GoAnimate to develop a couple of short animated videos to bookend the Storyline interaction activity about the loan form. Sort of like setting the stage with a scenario. I was inspired by Jackie Van Nice's filling out a passport demo and thought I could use the concept on a loan form.

Anyway, here it is for you to check out. Click the image below to launch. Let me know what you think. Thanks!  Mike

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keshav soni


Sorry for being late on the discussion. However need a little help here.I am using goanimate and storyline to create my project. As of now i have been downloading video from goanimate and then importing the same in storyline. Is there any possibility to import the slides and charachters of goanimate to storyline so that saves me the process of downloading the video. Any other way which eases my current process are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Mike Schwind

Looks very nice! The only two suggestions I would make are:

1. Make sure the words in the text bubbles are exactly what is being spoken by your characters otherwise the learner might get confused by what they are seeing and hearing.

2. I would add another scene and change between them. For example I would have a whiteboard animation scene listing the things they were talking about for the laptop. Keywords could be written out as they are spoken. Then you could switch back and forth between that scene and the class scene. That also keeps the video more interesting since you aren't looking at the same thing the whole time.

Hope that helps!

Subu Mv

Hi Mike,

When clicked on the above image, it doesn't launch the demo file, but leads to your webpage. Could you please share the link to the demo again ? And also to your other works, where you have used GoAnimate and storyline together. 

I am currently working on a project using GoAnimate and Storyline. I really could use some ideas which i can incorporate in our projects and create a wonderful learning experience.

Thanks in advance :) 

Mike Schwind
Gerry Thibodeau

I personally use Crazy Talk Animator 3 Pipeline instead of goanimate (buy it and you own it vs having a pay subscription).  There is a ton of content and flexibility to do what you need including creating your own characters from pictures or drawings in minutes.  There is also a new service that they have launched similar to goanimate that is a paid subscription named cloud animator.  The cloud animator is a new feature and I have not used it yet but the plans are by year which is really reasonably priced.  

I agree adding animation and these types of content in your e-learning is an extra attention grabber and excellent for micro-learning.