Storyline and SharePoint

I wanted to share something I've created and a workaround to having an LMS.

I've been working on creating Storyline (and other e-learning) modules but we don't have an LMS. I also administer our SharePoint installation. So I found a way to combine the two into something that can at least do some tracking and gives a little better information than the embedded google forms (which are also good).

At the end of a Storyline module I have a button that jumps users to a SharePoint form where they can take a final quiz or just say that they completed the module. The upside of of SharePoint is that this is also where we track our classes, have them signed in already so we easily capture their user information, and we can use the InfoPath forms to give them different views of information. I had one where I created a quiz and then the results and if the user answered correctly were displayed on the next form with formatting and other tricks.

If others have been using SharePoint and Storyline to create a workaround LMS/tracking I'd love to hear what you are doing to make it work.


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