Storyline custom progress bar?

Jun 19, 2013


I'm looking to create a custom Storyline progress bar. Can anyone share examples of eLearning courses they've seen that have custom progress bars and different styles, such as a filled-in pie chart for showing page or lesson completion.



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Nicole Legault said:

Hey Dan,

Here's a handy link to a website with a lot of different ideas for progress bars: 35 Beautiful Progress Bar Designs

Hope this helps inspire you!

Thanks Nicole. However, how do I incorporate that build into SL? Do I just recreate it and based on the visuals. I have never built one in SL and curious to know what those variable would look like.

Nicole Legault


Here is an example of a Fake Progress Bar created in Storyline by Phil Mayor.  And another example by Bruce Graham: Course Progress Bar with %. There is really no one way to do it, the options are endless based on what you want it to look like and what functionality you need. You'd need to play around with states and variables in order to achieve a custom bar that tracks your users from slide to slide. If you give me more details about something in particular you'd like to achieve, I'd be happy to help you create a solution =)


I just used excel's graphing capabilities to create a series of progress icons. My course was linear so I just dropped the appropriate image on each slide. However, I can see where you could use variables and states to display the correct image at the right time on the right slide.

Producing the images was a snap using excel. I just had to input my slide total and then change which slide number I was on. I used a simple calculation to turn this into a percent completed and a percent remaining and then graphed those percentages. I've used a single bar graph but I also kind of like the doughnut.

The graph updates as you change the slide number and you can then right click and copy the image. I pasted mine into Photoshop so I could remove the background, but that is optional.

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