Storyline Developer Job Spec / Requirements - examples please?

I am looking to recruit a contract Storyline Developer or find a company to whom we can outsource the production of our courses. I need to write a Job Specification and was wondering if anyone has examples that they can share with me and the community?

The type of course I need built includes video and audio, quizzing interactions, branching and alternative flows, subtitles, animations, theming, usability compliance, Javascript, SCORM / Tin Can AP and LMS compatibility - amongst all that standard features of Storyline.

Has anyone written anything which covers this, I would appreciate having a look at it. I'm not sure of what things I really need to include.

Also, if anyone has any experience of outsourcing courses and has any advice this would also be much appreciated.


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Michelle  Reeder

Jonathan Brown,

I have worked in the field of e-learning for 12 years and was recently laid off due to a company relocation. I am very interested in your organization and any potential employment or contract opportunities you might have there. I am attaching my resume for your consideration in case an opportunity comes available.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or interest in my qualifications.
Thank you and have a great week.
Ken Chang

Hi Michelle,

If you are adding in videos to your courses, you may want to specify if they are already edited and ready to load or if you will need some production help. If you do need someone to create and edit the videos, you should include which software you will need to know for video editing like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere, etc...

Also, a few guys in the Adobe Create MN User Group (the local Flash user group that I co-manage) are from Allen Interactions and they do some really great e-Learning work: