Storyline example: Tenebris mini game

Sep 07, 2016

Tenebris - Front screen
While trying to come up with different approaches to Storyline we at Loughborough College came up with a small idea for a game. It has now snowballed a bit from there!

You are moth trying to get to escape to the light. You need fast reactions and mental skills to dodge the obstacles and answer the questions. Every level you complete the closer you get to freedom.

Those astute players amongst you will notice that we took aspects of Tenebris and rethemed it to create the Advanced Piloting Techniques in Astro-school.

Any feedback (as ever) would be greatly appreciated.

Tenebris (Speakers/headphones recommended but not essential.)

If people are interested in creating their own version/ seeing how we did it - let me know and I'll clean up the file and upload it as a template (if someone could let me know the best place to do this that would be great.)

Special thanks to Andy Ironmonger who has now left Loughborough College to join the Tinder Foundation and as ever for the awesome music.

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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Matt, 

This is absolutely  amazing. I just loved everything about it, idea, design, music etc. I haven't finished it yet. When I was playing level 9, I wanted to have break to say thank you for sharing it. 

I would love to create my own version too, or see your working style on it. 

You can share it here ; you can start a new discussion with "Tenebris Game Template ." 

You can also share it in Weekly challenges. I think this one is good for your amazing work;


Allison Black

I have no idea why this is at the end of the list of examples.  This was beautiful.  And really creative.  Loved the graphic design the beauty of the images - gray butterflies on black. So beautiful.  And then the transitions.  So simple and nice.  The font is simple and creepy - along with the sketched circles.  Just love this.  And I would love to see how you built the spinning crosses and the logic of how to move the moth through them.

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