Storyline Halloween Game: Witch’s Brew


Bubble bubble toil and trouble.  It’s Halloween at Loughborough College and the team have come up with a little memory game to get you thinking.

Can you remember the correct order of ingredients and answer the questions to make your witch’s brew or will it all end in a big cloud of smoke and ash?

This starts off easy… and gets more devilish as you continue. Can you get to the end?

Halloween (Speakers/headphones recommended but not essential.) 

As ever thanks goes to the awesome for the music. To see our other work please see Tenebris and Astro School or visit our blog.


5 Replies
Andrew Ironmonger

Loving this. 

Really emphasising the importance of simple, effective design in learning products. It's really addictive and took me ages to get to the end!

Are you considering releasing the source file for this at all as i'm sure people would love to see how some of it was done!