Storyline hangman demo

Aug 06, 2012

Hi folks,

I just created a simple hangman-type interaction for a quiz I'm creating about the city of Leeds, for students new to the University of Leeds.

Strangely, I had never ever used the hangman quiz slide function but I found myself wanting to build something similar in Storyline. It took less than half an hour (though admittedly the design needs some work!)

Another example of how Storyline will let you do pretty much anything you want!

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Jade Kelsall

The large correct answer letters in the middle of the screen all have initial state as hidden. There are 26 individual text boxes at the bottom for the alphabet; all of the wrong answer letters add 1 to a numeric variable (called "wrong"), and changes their state to "clicked", which has a line through to mark as having been selected. Clicking on the correct answer letters change the state of the relevant large letters to normal.

The hangman pieces are also initial state hidden. They are each set to change state to normal when the "wrong" variable reaches a certain number. I.e. the first piece changes to visible when wrong=1; the second when wrong=2 and so on.

There are rather a lot of triggers.

Here is the source file if you'd like a peek.

James Brown

Nice idea but you are running into the same issue that has plagued Power Point for years and years; rewind. I.e. the first time you play an animation it works perfectly but then if you return to a previously animated slide, the animation does not work. Odd because the code should have been converted into flash. If you really want this type of game, I would suggest building in Flash or possibly HTML + Java Scripting.

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