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Eric Nalian

Hey Parashuram,

This site is the best!  It may be a bit tricky to find exactly what you are looking for, but the fellow heroes are always posting new ideas and different projects.  You can also follow the new 'Design Challenges' that we will be doing!



Eric Nalian

My most recent 'source of inspiration' was ESPN - I generally avoid sports talk shows, but I couldn't find the remote and this was already on so I stuck with it.

The idea is to create a newsroom style course - using an animation tool I was going to create a video that would run throughout the length of the course and as it is running, create an animated menu in Storyline that would go along with the video, have other elements appear on top of the video using animations and for larger cutaways use lightbox slides.

I have a series of courses coming up that will all cover 'how to read and use reports' (kind of a vague topic but there are some reports that our team members do not know how to 'read' and then use the information to manage their budgets/expenses and other things...) and I though this kind of layout would be perfect.


Phil Mayor

Bruce Graham said:


Take a look outside your window, in the streets of Pune, in the films at the cinema in Nagar Road, the colours of the Bund Garden or close you eyes and imagine.

There you will find inspiration.


Agree wholeheartedly, went to the natrural history museum last week, their interactive labels were great so i copied them and built an interaction