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Mike Schwind

I've not used PowToon videos yet. GoAnimate was the first I've tried and it seems to be very easy to work with and has a big library to choose from. I'm going to start using this process - animated videos - for some rather dry compliance training that is coming up. I'm getting great feedback on this method from learners so far!

Mike Schwind

I know. I was demonstrating a course I was building using animated videos to some people and when I stopped it they asked "What happens next?!" They didn't want it to end. They were getting so wrapped up in the story they didn't even know they were learning and wanted more. Now that's the kind of reaction I'm looking for!

Joshua Roberts

I've been integrating PowToon videos into my modules for a couple of months now and the results have received nothing but positivity. 

Abir - You are able to resize the video in Storyline, most videos export to YouTube allowing you to embed them or download them as separate files and upload them separately.

Mike Schwind

Abir @Articulate network said:

Mike, thanks lots for sharing your very interesting work.

  • Did you make this with the FREE online version of goanimate?
  • Can the videos be resized as needed to be uploaded onto Storyline projects?




I have a business subscription to GoAnimate. Yes the videos can be resized on the page once you insert them. Works quite well actually.

Donna Carter

Thanks so much for a very informative and thorough post.  Our team just purchased GoAnimate, and quite frankly, I was having a hard time envisioning how I would use it with the type of content that we develop.  Your post was just the inspiration that I needed and the additional information on Storyline was perfect.  I also found this information quite useful: http://goanimate.com/video-maker-tips/spotlight-anika-duvall/

Nicole Dymianiw

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your reply! I can't provide a working file as we don't have that subscription with GoAnimate but I posted the link below. At the end, a bar appears with a question and from then on, it would be interactive with the responses (see below):

There are 4 options: Analytic, Amiable, Driving and Expressive. When the user clicks on each one, it would take them to the animation below with corresponding text in each speach bubble.

We will not be using the robot voice, we hire a company to do the voice-overs but haven't done that yet!

Thanks again for your help,


Mike Schwind

Hi Nicole,

Attached is a Storyline file with your videos in it, as well as the interaction, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I would also recommend closed captioning. We have a pretty nice method of putting closed captioning in all of our Storyline based modules that have audio. I do quite a bit of GoAnimate and Storyline work so if I can ever help out just let me know. We also have a really good voice guy if you want some nice quality narration.

In fact I'm teaching an online course for creating animated scenario-based eLearning that features using GoAnimate for the course project. I use myself as an instructor avatar. You can view my course intro video here.   https://youtu.be/iNtFHt_lkBg

You can email me at mike@schwindtec.com if you have any other questions.  Hope this helps. 


keshav soni


I am using goanimate and storyline to create my project. As of now i have been downloading video from goanimate and then importing the same in storyline. Is there any possibility to import the templates and charachters of goanimate to storyline so that saves me the process of downloading the video. Any other way which eases my current process are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Nathan Goveas

I am trying to use a GoAnimate animation. I would like it to loop continuously but am not sure how to make a video continuously loop in Storyline. I can make it loop once using a trigger to replay video when video completes but I need it to loop continuously, even when layers are triggered with mouse hovers etc. Any help would be great.

Will Findlay

In my experience PowToon is faster to develop because of the ability to immediately preview your animations and its simpler timing model, but GoAnimate is more powerful with its huge library of characters and poses, its ability to lip sync characters to narration, and it's better flexibility with audio.

Sonia Furini
Abir @Articulate network

Mike, thanks lots for sharing your very interesting work.

  • Did you make this with the FREE online version of goanimate?
  • Can the videos be resized as needed to be uploaded onto Storyline projects?




Keep in mind that while you can create videos using the GoAnimate trial, they will have a watermark on them until you purchase one of their plans. 

I have a business plan (not the GoTeam Plan) and it meets all of my producing needs!  Hope that adds some insight!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ranisha

GoAnimate have videos on their site and if you check out Youtube you see some as well.

They publish out from the GoAnimate site as an mp4. 

As for inserting them into SL2. Just use the Insert > Video from file > choose the folder where you have downloaded them.