Storyline need help with illustrations

I just got my hands on storyline yesterday and I want to try something, but don't know how to execute it and need some pointers.

I am going to use the illustration (medial ) characters. I want either 1 doctor and 1 nurse or a few doctors or few nurses in the opening scene with spotlight on them or something. I want participants to type in thier names and select the character they want to choose,and the charcter will talk to them by their name in the next scene. They are helathcare heroes and want to ideas as to what shoudl they say one you select 1 f teh chracters.

Now do I have to make the course twice one with teh doctor charcter and one with the nurse, but the content remains the same, or how else can I achieve this.

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James Brown

Sid, since you are talking about healthcare heros, why don't you create four heros, Doc Proc or Iron Nurse, etc. Give them a super hero powers as well as the superhero look and fell which should make this a lot of fun. Of course add in in the comic book theme including the "Biff", "Pow" and "Bam".. Take that you mangela streptus caucus.."Bam"... "Pow"..

Hope that helps,


Steve Flowers

You could try to setup your characters in a master slide within a set of layers. Several master slides with different positions and configurations.


Master slide +character1 +character2 +character3

when the timeline starts show layer character1 if characterSelection==1

when the timeline starts show layer character2 if characterSelection==2

when the timeline starts show layer character3 if characterSelection==3

Setup a variable to show the specific layer for the configured variable based on the participant's selection. This way all you need to change are overlays on the base layer. If you need to change your configurations or add a character visual, all you need to edit are your master slides.

Once you get one master slide layout configured, you can copy it and just change the graphic layout in the layers. Create as many master configurations as you want but you may be able to get by with 5 or so.

tin C

Wow, great ideas, I was tihnking something similar but you guys have given more details.

Well my lack of experience using storyline is limiting me to execute this idea.

Ok so if I have for example 2 characters, and the user chooses char 1 then that charcter becomes his avatar sort of for the rest of teh course, now if he chooses char 2 then that becomes his avatar for the rest of the. So that means I have to build the same scenes for two charcters right and branch it arcoordingly.

Steve,....although you have explained it nicely but I can't seem to figure out how to do what you have suggested.

if you don't mind can you point me in the right direction where these steps are shown more in details.

tin C

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Sid

I have put a file together and a screenr for this hope it helps


Phil, thanks so much for taking the time to do the screenr and hsow it to me. Really apprecite it.

I am not having anothe rproblem and odn't know how to correct it.  I would nee dto have theplayer show the navigation on the left side, but the slide 1., 1.2, 1.3 and so on are not in order. I mean they are in order when the user click witihn the slide , but it they simple click next then it goes to the worng slide.

Once I am done, I will try to put it up here so that you guys can see what I mean. I am just hoping all the work that I have put in does not go to waste.