Storyline or Rise to create a Software Help File?

Has anyone ever tried to use Rise or Storyline to create software help files?

I have a client who would like to publish context sensitive help files for a web application they are building. I am writing their technical documentation in Word and was thinking I could copy/paste some of that content into Rise (or Storyline) with some additional material to create the help system for them.

Would love to any details from people who have tried this!


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Nicole Legault

Hi Jeremy!

This sounds like the perfect project for Rise. Rise is great for most courses, especially things like procedures, documentation, text-heavy content. It's simple and easy to use, and you can quickly build out your lessons and copy and paste your text into them. If you don't need to do anything custom, branching, scenarios, gamified, etc. that type of thing, then Rise is probably a good time-saving solution for this type of content, as opposed to Storyline 360. 

If you're interested in seeing Rise examples, pop into the E-Learning Examples hub and have a gander! There's tons of cool Rise examples. 

Tania Parker

HI Jeremy,

Wondering how you got on with your idea, as I'm looking to use Articulate for a similar solution for a client.  Any feedback would be welcome.... otherwise, I'm currently exploring Word to HTML File conversion embedded into a SharePoint 2016 Web part (no, not currently on 365 here).