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Aug 27, 2013

I am having trouble embedding storyline output in my blog. I tried to find the solution on this forum and I think I am getting close but still there are some issues troubling me.

1. I published the output for web.

2. Tried uploading the output on my wordpress account. Failed. Searched for Wordpress LMS plugin by LearnDash. Turns out  they charge a fee and I am looking for free solution.

3. Also tried with Dropbox. How do I embed my dropbox folder in wordpress?

4. Amazon WS also charges a fee.

5. Uploaded the output on Google Drive. Succeded in embedding the storyline output in Blogger.

Is Google Drive --> Blogger the only solution for my problem?

I want to showcase my storyline work on my blog. Sort of a Portfolio made with Storyline.

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Peter  Ryan


If you do not want to spend any money on buying "Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress" pro version you could try this.....


If you have access to cpanel then create a folder in your public.html file called articulate for example. Create subfolders like "how to drive a car" export Articulate file to to web and zip it.

Drop your zipped file in this location. Unzip it. Then to launch this file, look for the  launch file which will be like www

Then go into your page builder and add this URL to a lightbox or open in a new page etc.

Cheap servers like godaddy don't have cpanel unless you have WP hosting. is an example of this process in rise. is one for articulate 360.


Good luck!

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