Storyline Quiz Game Demo and Freebie

Sep 14, 2016

For the ELH Challenge 134, I decided to remake one of my old quiz templates. 

It was a basketball theme game in which users could pick their names and were supposed to answer the each question in 20 seconds. To win the game, they had to answer at least seven questions.

Here you can see the demo; 

Click to see it


You can download the story file here.


Remake of the game

Remake of Shootout

I kept the main idea and animations while adding some more gamification elements.

Firstly, players can pick their avatars and names. Secondly, I tried to make the navigation more user friendly by giving them chances to restart and pause the game whenever they want. They still have 20 seconds to answer each question. However, if they make two mistakes the game ends. Thirdly, players earn points when they answer the questions. Here is the first element I tried for the first time; the faster they answer the questions, the more points they earn. Finally, they see their name on the scoreboard where I used some Articulate Heroes' names (just for fun). 

You can see it here ; Basketball Challenge.



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