Storyline/SCORM files within the LMS

Hi guys

Storyline has some fantastic features once a learner has opened the course - no question.

However, if I upload a SCORM course built in Storyline into my LMS, the learner only sees one option from within the LMS - to open the course.

This leaves the menu in the LMS looking pretty empty as you can see in the image below, when I think a course sitting in an LMS would benefit from looking a lot fuller as in the second example.

What do you think? How do you guys overcome this issue?

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Darren D

Hi there,

Looks to me like you are using Absorb LMS correct?
It's a great platform, I've worked with Absorb for over a year and was greatly impressed with its capabilities.

Absorb aside, a few questions to try and help you out:

1. Are you trying to achieve separation in the course for different sections like in your second example with Absorb? Depending on how you set up your "curricula" in Absorb it might help in that scenario. Also, the page you showed first, that is after you drill down to the final layer correct? As in you see the curricula, open it and then click on the course title to get to that screen?

2. When you say "a lot fuller" do you mean the ability to have the avatar picture beside the course?
3. What version of Absorb are you using (do you have the Mercury Module?)

Ant Pugh

Hi Darren - thanks for the reply. Yes well spotted! We are using Absorb. I have been using it for 3 years and it has some good features. We are struggling a bit with the admin side though!

In response to your questions:

1) I understand your idea about using Curricula - my query is not how to split up the courses in Absorb, but about the SCORM course itself. The image I chose confuses the issue so I have done another below!

So in example 1, the single link titled 'Overview' opens a full SCORM course. But in the LMS this looks limited with just the option to click 'Overview', compared to example 2, where the course has been broken down into 7 shorter modules.

I think that example 2 looks much better in the LMS because it allows learners to choose which module they want rather than doing this from within the course.

So my query was really to find out if everyone else who has SCORM courses in their LMS, had their LMS displaying the courses in the same way as example 1, rather than example 2?

2) No, hopefully I've explained myself above?!

3) We are using the latest version of Absorb, and we do have Mercury.

Darren D


I believe I understand where you are coming from.

It might be a matter of personal preference on how you display your courses in the LMS but I can see the advantage of using example 2 in letting users decide where to go before opening up the SCORM package.

When you showed example 2, how did you get the courses to become smaller modules, did you import 7 different smaller SCORM packages for the modules?

That would be the way I would handle the situation if you like the way it looks better in example 2 : that is to say, prepare each course as a separate module and import them as separate SCROM packages. Then setup a curricula to with those 7 modules built into it.

Alternatively, when you import the course and go to "edit course" or "details" (sorry I don't have Absorb anymore so the tabs are a bit foggy) you can insert different "chapters" into the course to divide the content of the course. This would require students to enter the course first though to pick their navigation.

Depending on what type of course you are making, it may not be a bad idea to let students pick a direction inside of the course itself but as I said, it's a personal preference thing.