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Articulate just released the SDK for storyline (Posted Here).  It was posted in the product support side and could easily be missed so I thought I post it here on the General Discussion side where it wont easily get lost.

I also posted this so we can post questions, comments, WIPs, and other stuff related to the SDK like the freelance hero thread. I know with the variety of great talent in this community we are going to see some great stuff.

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Nancy Woinoski

Mr Petrichor said:

This looks very cool, very powerful - I'm hoping this will allow us to put hooks for our (non-scorm compliant ) lcms  to retrieve and set information, like current page, stuff like that.

Any plans for further examples, tutorials, how-to's?

(pleeeeeze? )

You have to have a really good understanding of Flash programming in order to work with the SDK. I don't think you'll be seeing any tutorials on this. 

Jerson  Campos

I did see a folder that was called custom frame.  But it contained various files, some AS3 source files, but no flash source file that puts it all together. 

I also saw another folder that (I'm assuming) controls the html5 player output.  If we make changes to the flash based output do we also have to make changes to the html5 output as well?

Helene Sobelman

This is great news!

Like many other folks.. i haven't had much time to look into this yet.. but i see that most of the discussion here is about creating custom players.

What i was hoping for was not necessarily to be able to create a custom player.. but to be able to control the prev/next buttons in the existing players.

For example.. i wanted to be able to trigger hidding or showing the next button.. is that something i can do with this?

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Really what I am hoping for is more of an API. I would love a standardized way to get/set data, events and methods. Something that would work in both AS3 and JS. 

For example:

var slide = player.GetCurrentSlide()

The slide object would contain info like title, number, duration, viewed state, etc.