Storyline slide transitions

I have added a multiple answer quiz along with a character who changes states dependent on right or wrong answers.   When both of the "correct" answers are chosen, I want the project to advance to the next slide.  However, in adding that Trigger ("Jump to next slide when check box 1 and 3 are selected"), as soon as the 2nd correct answer is added, rather than displaying the character change to indicate a correct answer, the slide just jumps to the next, without any delay.  Is there a means of allowing the "correct" response to show for a few moments before that advance?

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Joe Waddington

Try this:

Create a Delay layer, where all it does is run for 5 or 10 seconds, or however long you want to delay. Add on this layer to jump to next slide when layer timeline ends.

Then change the trigger to Show Delay Layer when checked.

You could even put a Continue button on the Delay layer, and jump to next slide using that. That way the learner controls how long they see it.