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Steve Flowers

Hi Alex - 

I've played with this a bit. Using an API service for TTS, you can pass a string and get back an MP3. You would have trouble synchronizing this with presentation elements but when triggered by an event, this would work really well to dynamically generate audio. It's not priced terribly either. 


Abir @Articulate network

Many thanks Nick for your feedback.

1. Once I publish my storyline to a CD, would I still be able to activate the Chrome voice recognition api?

2. I'm working on a Mac - Chrome navigator. When I right-clicked the microphone to test your demo in French, I got this msg box. Shall I hit the accept button?

Abir @Articulate network

Thanks again Nick for your time.

1. Do you think it'll work if I use the CD while connected to the internet?

2. I'm unable to switch it to French as I don't get the pop-up window with "select language settings" when I right-click the mike! I'm not sure this is because I'm using a Mac..



Helen Moares

Thank you Rutwin, your work is amazing!

But the .story file you posted on previous page is not working for me... I get a NULL answer on variable "speech". I checked everything but, nothing. I exported project for web, uploaded on server, uploaded the index.php, checked the call from web object to index was correct. I don't know what I'm making wrong. I also tried to let original link to your index.php URL, nothing again. Any idea?

2) I'm also guessing, can you explain how you make it work without click on execute jascript trigger, but automatically when user stop speaking?

Thank you so much

Helen Moares

Hi Nick!

but, as I said, my project is ON LINE.

" I exported project for web, uploaded on server, uploaded the index.php, checked the call from web object to index was correct."

Can you think about some different issue?

I add some more informations: I'm not an expert, but I suppose web object is properly loaded in page, as I'm asked to speek and web object process my voice imput, but then, when I click on check button, appears NULL message. It seems like something is going wrong with coordination beetwen variable and index.php.

Pam Eckstein

Rutwin (and Steve Flowers if he is out there)

 I'm not a programmer so this might be a novice question when it comes to voice recognition but I'm wondering if there is a way to use something like Dragon for voice recognition? If so, I imagine this would also require some sort of javascript and SL variables. Thoughts?  Thanks.