Storyline with WP-Courseware (Wordpress LMS plugin)

Aug 25, 2014


Has anybody used Storyline content with WP-Courseware LMS plugin within their sites? Although they market themselves as an LMS plugin, I am finding it ineffective to store any text entered by the user in any of the text entry slides in the course. My site is a membership site and every user can view the course after logging in. So, I need to track the course progress and text entry inputs separately for each user similar to what LMS do. I guess LMS plugin is totally different and downsized version of a proper LMS. The only thing this LMS plugin tracks is whether the user has completed the course or not and saves the answers of the quizes developed using this plugin.

I need an LMS plugin which not only resumes the course where the user left on the last login but also saves the users text entry input. Any kind of help appreciated.

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Nandini Khandekar

Hi Matthew

Thanks for the reply. I did consider Learndash and Sensei as options before opting for Wp-Courseware plugin. Not sure whether both these plugins track Storyline course and save the test entry per user.

Have anybody tried giving access to their Storyline Courses to users with tracking without using a full blown LMS?

Nandini Khandekar

Thanks Matthew and Phil for your help.

My research also suggest that I would need an LRS to persist the variables in Storyline. Even ScormCloud is not persisting the variables if we leave the course midway. It is storing the variables only when the status is passed. Am I publishing my course outputs incorrectly or is this the norm with of SL and / or ScormCloud or other LMS?

If this dont work I might have to save every variable to a database or XML and pass it on to SL. Is there a simple way to achieve persistence of SL variables.



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