Quiz - Need to see score for each attempt on Cornerstone LMS

Sep 13, 2019

We have a course that has a quiz that if failed, you are allowed to retake, but I want to be able to report off of the 1st attempt score only.

So, what happens is this. I take the quiz. I fail it. I go back and retake it, the LMS reports the retake as my 1st attempt and gives me a score. When actually that was my 2nd attempt.

I'm not sure how to set this up so that the LMS knows to report score associated with the number of attempts. So, I would like to see a 1st attempt score, 2nd attempt score, etc.

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Read about "ghost assessment questions": here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/tutorial-capturing-storyline-variables-in-an-lms

Then, add an essay survey question to your file. <-- this will be your ghost question that you will use a variable to answer. You will also hide this question from the learner.
You will need a variable to track attempts and a tracking variable to store attempts and associated scores.
Lastly, each time the learner hits your results page, you will need to execute some javascript to capture the current attempt and score and add it (concatenate it) to your tracking variable.

Basically, the non-graded essay question will become a log of user attempts and scores.

Jenifer Sellon

Owen, can you possibly break this down a little bit? I have implemented "ghost questions" before (and thank you for that!). But I don't know how to capture the scores correctly. I'm probably just missing the javascript piece (as I don't know JS well). Also, are you tracking every attempt/score in one question or do you need a separate question for each attempt? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated - our LMS won't track anything but the last attempt/score.

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