Storyline360 vs Studio 360 vs Replay vs Peek: Which ones should I use?


Is there a point in time when using Studio is better than Storyline or is it okay to build everything including quizzes in Storyline rather than in Studio?

In regards to Replay vs Peek, are they also necessary tools or are those tools available for those who don't have a screen recording software like Loom or Camtasia. 

Overall, I want to ensure it's totally okay to build everything in Storyline rather than using all of the extra apps available through Articulate. If you have a scenario where each tool would work best, that would be helpful. Thanks!

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Sarah Hodge

Hey Shakis! Storyline 360 is great for building a custom course from scratch with features like decision-making scenarios or complex interactions. Storyline 360 lets you build pretty much anything you can imagine.

Studio 360 is generally used for turning existing PowerPoint presentations into an e-learning course with a few interactions and quizzes.

This article explains in a bit more detail why and when to use each app.

As for Peek 360 vs Replay, Allison LaMotte wrote this awesome article that explains each app best. You don’t have to use these apps, but they’re a nice added resource that comes with Articulate 360. I hope that helps!