Struggling to find a suitable image of a Burglary

I'm building a course which involves a scenario where a young couple have been burgled. 

As part of the story i'm looking for an image of a room that has been obviously burgled. The problems i'm having is firstly that there are very few, the images that i have found look very dated.

I've tried sites like Fotolia, iStock, Shutterstock and a couple other but i've had little luck. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of other places i could search?

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Alex O'Byrne

Is it just looking for a room that has been burgled? If so, it would be hard to tell the difference between a really messed up room and a burgled one. If not I found this image on a "labeled for reuse" google image search:

But obviously that's break in, in progress which I presume really isn't what your looking for.

howard pearson

Robert Lengacher said:

Howie - It sounds like the best search term for your needs would be "ransacked" (e.g. ransacked apartment, ransacked living room, etc.)

I did a quick Google search, and it doesn't look there are any really great images that are labeled for reuse, but it might set you on the right path.

Thanks for this. It's brought up loads on Google. I now need to go about getting permission to use them. Thanks again

Dave Neuweiler

Sometimes it's easier just to stage your own photos than try to find something specific on free or paid image sites.

For most residential burglaries, the common targets will be the master bedroom (jewelry) and the living room (electronics).

For the master bedroom, you could turn over a couple of dresser drawers on the bed, empty the jewelry box and leave that in view, too.

For the living room, you could disconnect and remove any home entertainment equipment you have, leaving empty cabinets with disconnected wires in view.

You don't have to break or smash things; most burglars aren't vandals.

Both scenarios also offer the opportunity to do some (probably overdue) cleaning and reorganization. AT least that's how I'd sell the idea to my wife ...