Stuck at the last leg of e-learning course development

Apr 13, 2016

I've created one slide in my course in which success is illustrated by objects leaving a container (the goal is to empty the container completely).  Each time a user completes a learning checkpoint or interaction successfully, they are directed to the success slide (Max).  I've not been able to find the correct variable / trigger combination to ensure the objects leave the container based on correct answers.  I'm attaching a simple example with 2 (1 to 4 slides only) scenes.  Included in the attached is the navigation slide (course is not linear), the success slide (Max), and some learning checkpoints/interactions.   You will see my attempts within the slide triggers and variables.  I am clearly missing a step.  Can anyone take a look at the attached?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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David Tait

Hi Michele,

I think you need to add a trigger to toggle the LearningCheckpoint2 and LearningCheckpoint8 variables to True on each of the Knowledge Check slides. I'd probably attach this trigger to the Continue button in the Correct feedback layer.

I also wonder whether you really need the trigger to jump to the MAX slide attached to youyr submit button? Maybe this could be removed and you could navigate to the MAX slide via the feedback layers?

Michele Friesen

Good mornin David.   Thank you so very much for your response and help!

I'm attaching a screenshot showing a new trigger added to the continue button (adjusting the variable value to true); however, I'm stuck on the 'when'...

Re your thoughts on navigating to the MAX slide via the feedback layers - this seems the most logical option; however, I believe learners cannot be directed to a layer of one slide from another slide.  The MAX slide changes with each correct answer so I currently have it set to 'resume saved state'.  The goal is that with each correct answer the container empties more.  At the end of the course, if successful, learners will have an empty container.

I hope this makes sense and eagerly await any further insight from you!  :)


David Tait

Hi Michele,

For the first part I'd update the variable when user clicks the continue button.

I have set something up that works for the first activity and have attached your .story file here. If it works you'll obviously need to apply it throughout but hopefully this helps. I have added the trigger to the continue button in the correct feedback, which when clicked takes you to the MAX slide, the animation then plays and some of the contaminants leave the flask.

Michele Friesen

Thank you SO much David!  I believe I'm now so close to having this all work! 

The one issue standing in the way seems to be functionality between the scenes.  I've got one learning checkpoint in scene 1 (slide 1.3) and one in scene 2 (slide 2.1) programmed to take the user to the MAX slide, triggering the motion paths (based on the update of the relevant variables to true).  However, once the function works for the first scene, it does not work for the second.  If I go to the 'Types' scene first it works.  If I go to the 'Sources' scene first, that also works.  Whichever I go to second...does not show objects leaving flask.

I've checked the variable useage to ensure all are set up the same way (screen shot attached).  I've also moved the MAX slide to its own scene - hoping that would help.  It has not.   

You've nailed the solution thus far.  Hoping you might have some final insight on this issue. 

The most current version of the test file, along with the variable usage screenshot are attached.

David Tait

Hi Michele,

Its the 'resume saved state when revisiting' property on the MAX slide that is causing the problem. If you change it to 'Automatically decide' or 'Reset' it works but on the second visit the first animation plays again, which is obviously no good.

Perhaps a further trigger could be added that hides the drops that have left the container once the animations have played so that they don't appear when the slide is reset on the next visit.

Hope that makes sense but if not I can look again tomorrow.


Michele Friesen

Hi David,

The test slides behave exactly as we'd hoped! 

The attempt I made to create a final trigger that 'hides the drops that have left the container once the animations have played' (attached screenshot) was unsuccessful.  I'm not sure why; however, I will replicate the text boxes,  variables and triggers in the sample you provided to the course in development.

I am incredibly grateful for your expertise and direction on this.  You saved the interactive integrity of the course and many will benefit because of it.  Thanks so very much!!

David Tait

Hi Michele,

I'm pleased that I was able to help, I know from experience how frustrating it can be when you get so close to finishing but get held up with something that should just work!

Your trigger looks correct, have you remembered to change the revisit slide property to Automatically Decide or Reset on the additional slides you're adding the functionality to?

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