Stuck on how to set up a scenario-based activity

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm having some "designers block" this Monday morning and hoping someone has an idea or two that could help me get un-stuck. 

I'm developing an elearning course in Rise (with SL for some of the interactions) focused on volunteer management. I'm trying to develop a scenario-based activity that helps bring everything together and I'm having a hard time with how to frame the activity. 

In the training, I present what we call our "Guiding Principles of Volunteer Experience". They're meant to show what we mean when we say a "great volunteer experience" and are organized into four categories--communication, identity, inclusion, and culture.  For example, one for communication is: "Any changes or reassignments to a volunteer role should be discussed with the volunteer first." I also have a list of common volunteer complaints that are often received after events. For example, "I signed up for the role of X, but when I arrived I was assigned to Y, which was not what I wanted to do." 

I'm trying to put together some kind of activity that will help them connect the dots about how the principles impact the volunteer experience and what tactics volunteer managers can execute to improve and enhance this experience. My original idea was to include a couple of similar types of feedback and then have the learner identify the appropriate task to prevent that from happening again in the future, but I'm having a hard time doing that without it being completely obvious about what the correct one is. 

Does anyone have an idea about how I can better approach this? 



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Leigh!

I like your idea about having them decide how they can prevent things from happening in the future. The best way to come up with answer choices that are incorrect but plausible is to take them from real-life situations. What have people done that wasn't the right thing to do? 

I hope that's helpful!