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Meryem M


Look at this and see if it helps.

I deleted your off screen rectangles, and instead used a variable.  Each time the main menu loads I increased the variable +1.  Then I set triggers for to change the state of the character based on the number of the variable. 

I also deleted your triggers for visited states on your buttons because they are unneeded. If the buttons have been visited, they automatically go to the visited state.   I also set the 4 buttons as a button set, just because...

DeLora Reardon

Good idea Susan and good job in implementation Meryem. I like this concept to help make it less "stale"! You might consider actually having it be a different character entirely for each section to make it even more interesting. I suppose you would have to "direct" people to go in a certain order for that though (make buttons disabled/enabled in order).