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Our organization currently has Studio '09 Pro, and I have been trying to decide which direction to go in regards to upgrading. I've read what I could find about Studio '13 and Storyline, and from what I gather Studio '13 will do most everything that Storyline does except it does it in PowerPoint instead of Storyline. Is that correct, or am I missing some key points?

If anyone can provide their personal opinion on the two as far as which one would be better (pros/cons), it would be greatly appreciated, particularly if you have used both. We do use TrainCaster as our LMS if that helps in any way.

Also, I would like to trial Storyline but currently have Studio '09 installed on my computer. Does anyone know if I will be able to download Storyline with Studio'09 on my computer now without encountering or creating any issues?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Stacy,

Downloading a trial should not cause you any problems - however usual caveats apply, (backup your files first, and do not blame me if it does go wrong   )

There are some fundamental differences between the products - not sure what I can and cannot say because of the NDA, but looking at the 2 product descriptions you should be able to spot some things that are missing on Studio '13 that are in the Storyline set.

Studio is, and will be tied to PowerPoint. Storyline can be, but is not completely. Mostly I start from scratch nowadays.

There are a number of similar threads to this which Search should reveal.

Hope this helps


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Just wanted to update this thread, with a new post from Arlyn Asch

Arlyn Asch said:

Hi everyone, 

We know you’re frustrated--and we completely understand. We really do. We hate disappointing you more than anything. 

We’re in the final stages of beta testing and are working around the clock to polish the release candidate.

We will release Studio ‘13 in weeks, not months. 

Best, Arlyn

Stefano Posti

Stacy, the 2 products are not the same. like Bruce said, Storyline is more powerful and flexible, but less "rapid" than Studio'13, especially if you're used to building courses by Studio '09.

My opinion is: if you have Studio '09, you really should upgrade to Studio '13 to have your courses easily restyled, richer, and ready for html5/iPads; 

AND if you're willing to start building scenario based / more complex course, more interactive and explorable by users, you ALSO need Storyline.

As far as budget allows, having both products, characters bundles and a good asset repository (stock photos, vectors, icons, fonts, audio tracks...) is the perfect e-Learning designer Toolkit.

hope it helps