Studio 360 vs. installed version of Studio

On the 30 day trial of 360 and I'd like to download Studio 360 and play with that a little. However I get the message "A conflicting version of Studio is currently installed. Please uninstall the conflicting version and try again"

So if I uninstall (or just deactivate possibly) my version of Presenter '09 can I reinstall it? Is it even still available or do I just reactivate it with my serial number?

Quite honestly I don't use it very much now, but I have many Engage interactions built over the years that I sometimes have to access (also Quizmaker quizzes) and if the Presenter/Studio version I have is uninstalled how will I be able to access them again? Please don't suggest I use a second laptop to do this on as I don't have easy access to one.

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Ulises Musseb

Yes, you can reinstall it. At least that's what it did with my installation, however, I had Studio '13, not '09. It even "remembered" the serial number, so I didn't have to look for it in the re-installation.

Seems like 360 and stand alone versions cannot coexist in Windows. Not a good thing, especially if you have clients that may require work done and kept in older versions.