Studio or Storyline?

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to attend the Studio training for several months now.  The sessions keep getting cancelled due to low enrollment.  My business travel is limited to within the state, which limits my options.  I was focusing on Studio at the suggestion of a colleague who uses it, and wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to have me trained on software that no one else is using.  I am now beginning to wonder if I shouldn't try my luck at attending a Storyline training and using that instead of Studio (assuming we get approval for the license).  My questions to all of you, as the expert users are:

1. What are the main differences between Studio and Articulate? 

2. Is one easier to learn/use than the other? 

3. Is there any major advantage to one or the other?

 If I am going to make a case to my supervisor, having input from people using the products will be very helpful.

Thanks so much everyone!


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Gina Heumann

Well, we have both in our department, and I've had to learn them both in a relatively short amount of time. My vote is for Storyline! HOWEVER, there are a few features where Storyline doesn't measure up (yet) in my opinion.

Storyline is MUCH more interactive and user-friendly. Instead of creating five different slides to demonstrate one concept, you can put them on multiple layers and have them talk to each other. Branching them is SUPER easy. You can also change the states on the animated or photo people and have them move or talk. Overall, I keep deciding to create a module in Studio and then inevitably move over to Storyline when I decide I want to create scenarios or have buttons that demonstrate things. It's also easy to learn! I learned Storyline fairly well in just a couple weeks and created a learning module that had my boss saying, "WOW! You JUST learned this program???"

The only things I like better about Studio are:

1. You can customize the player. In Storyline, you either have a basic player (with custom colors or fonts) or you don't have a player at all. In Studio, you can download players that look like movie screens, TV sets, iPads, and more. It's kind of cool.

2. There are many more animation tools in Studio. You can do custom motion paths, customize the duration of animations, and have a wide variety of crazy slide transitions that aren't available (YET) in Storyline. I hope the Storyline developers are reading this because it's a feature I REALLY REALLY want!!!

3. Learning games in Articulate are simple to create and come already with sound effects. I really enjoy their word games (like "Wheel of Fortune"). I just wish you could customize them with backgrounds and fonts.

Overall, Storyline wins for creating interactive, unique, FUN learning tools for your customers and staff!