Submitting Articulate-Made Content to the U.S. Copyright Office

Aug 22, 2017

Hi folks. My compliance department is bugging me about getting course information that we've authored in Articulate products submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. Articulate products spit out a whole bunch of files and folders on publish; that method doesn't seem to make 100% sense based on the file types that the U.S. Copyright Office accepts

What's your experience with submitting content to the copyright office? At this point, my two options are to submit an original source file (the raw content file from a SME), or to submit the exported-as-word document that shows slides, slide layers, notes, script.

Thanks for your input! 

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Dave Goodman

Ask the Compliance Officer what is their concern for the submission. Is it intellectual property rights, methodology used within the learning, visuals, competitive advantage, etc. Look at the copyright criteria (what specifics can be copyrighted) and go with that. A clerk at the Copyright office does not care about your source files. Think of your training as a product - let them see the total end results. I think you need to understand the concern first, then what can and should be protected.

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