Submitting multiple Questions from question bank and reviewing it.

May 20, 2018

Hi, I have a project that I am working on, using SL360.  I have a quiz of 25 questions from 25 Question banks. On 3 different modules. 

When the quiz is done the results do not reflect and when I want to review the answers it does not work. Plus if I want to print a report on the questions answered it just shows blank answers.

Attached find a copy of a sample quiz (based on only 3 questions) I did based on the same type of setup. Please help

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kenneth

I'm assuming you don't want the user to see the result slide for each QB however they have to 'visit' the result slide ie. the timeline has to start on each Result slide for SL to validate the result that is why nothing is displaying

I've changed some triggers and this is what I see now.

You need to add the 'Review results' trigger and click the 'show user responses' to get the correct tick and feedback banners

Normally if the questions were in one QB - it would just go from quiz slide to quiz slide but because you have 3 different QBs you would need to use a variable to tell SL to jump from the questions in QB1 to QB2 and then to QB3 when reviewing and to identify which of the questions the user answered so they are the questions presented in review.

I've attached your file so you can see some of the changes I've made.  I haven't added in the variable to jump QB's on review.

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