Suggested vendors for Compliance/Harassment Training??

Greetings fellow heroes! I am in the healthcare/pharma industry and we have used a vendor for our Workplace Harassment, Ethics and a couple other mandatory compliance courses. We have really not been happy with their products or customer service (I won't mention their name on this forum).

I am really curious what vendors other people are using AND are very satisfied with. One component we have to have, that was NOT provided by our current vendor is a paper version of the courses. We have slices of our workforce that do not have computers, so we need to be able to deliver this online with a paper option.

Any suggestions would be incredible helpful!!! Thanks in advance!

Dan Rollins

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Dave Neuweiler

Hi Dan, in previous employment I taught the instructor-led courses "Civil Treatment for Employees" and "Civil Treatment for Managers."  These are well-constructed, effective courses. Employee Learning Innovations (ELI) is the company. You can see their offerings here:

The last time I taught these courses was in 1998, and since then, I know they've added e-learning offerings, though I can't speak to their quality or effectiveness. But if they are a reasonable match for what the Iinstructor-led courses could accomplish, it could be worth a look.

steve mcmillen

Well hello Dan!

My name is Steve and I represent a small eLearning development company in Pennsylvania.  We have developed courseware for things like k-12 education, adult continuing education, and company internal training.  We would love to talk to you about your project!

Visit our website to see just a little of what we do.

Feel free to contact me!