Suggestions around software for systems training

Hi All

I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions around software we could use for systems training. Our requirements are that we need to be able to add captions on screen and then export the training as a video. 

Currently we use Captivate for this but I am finding that the quality of the videos decreases too much when we export the video and then embed it in an Articulate project.

I also tried staying and developing the entire course in Captivate but have to say that I don't find it the easiest authoring tool to work with.

Thanks in advance for any feedback :-)


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Nicole Legault

Hi Leanne!

Thanks for posting your discussion here in the E-Learning Heroes Community!

Articulate Storyline (1 and 2) comes with an awesome screen recording tool that offers a ton of the same functionality as the Captivate screen recorder, but it's easier to use (in my opinion), and easier to edit videos post-recording, with Storyline. You can add captions, tips, interactive hot spots, etc. all that fun stuff to your recorded slides of course.

However, with Storyline you cannot publish/export JUST the recorded video/screencast, but the beauty here is that if you're already working in an Articulate Storyline project, you don't have to export or import anyways, because you're creating the recording right inside the project. 

If you don't currently have Articulate Storyline (or if you're using version 1) feel free to download the free trial for Storyline 2 and you can try out the screen recording tool for yourself and see how easy it is to use! 

Here are some links and resources for working with the Storyline recording tool:

Also, here's an example of an interactive simulation/training that I created with the recording tool: E-Learning Heroes 101

Hope you'll find some of this helpful... Best of luck with your systems training! Let us know if you have any further questions :)

Nicole Legault

No, it does only work with a full video (.mp4) you're right there... I suppose another alternative would be to use Articulate's tool Replay to record the demo/view version of your step-by-step slides and then you could publish it as an .mp4 and it would have the captions. You can also use Replay to record your entire process but you can't really add captions, per se, only text along the bottom of the screen.