Suggestions - buy Storyline 2 or recruit an expert

Jul 09, 2016

Hi there, I provide online training. I recently bought online training courses from a company who used Storyline 2. I would like to make changes to the slides. I would like to improve the slides to make it interactive, include videos and in some cases move slides around to follow a logical sequence of thought. I am stuck and need advice. Do I buy a Storyline 2 to make these changes or recruit an expert? I already spent quite a bit of money on the course material and are yet to benefit from this purchase. Thanks.

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Joseph Ferraro

It sounds like you know what you want. I'd say, try SL2 for yourself, and see if it clicks.

30 day trial with pretty much no limitations is pretty awesome:

The only caveat would be if the company you purchased the courses through doesn't provide the .story files, as that would preclude being able to edit them. Hope that's not the case!

David Tait

Others have suggested trying Storyline for yourself and I agree with Phil's suggestion to set yourself a realistic amount of time to acheive your target.

I'll offer a further point for consideration which comes at it from a different angle, and that is; weigh up the cost of an expert vs the cost of doing it yourself. By this I mean that if you're taking time out of your schedule to learn Storyline, you are taking time away from your primary role, and depending on your costs (wages etc), using an expert freelancer might work out cheaper.

There's certainly no harm at all in learning how to do something yourself as long as it's not false economy to do so.

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