Suggestions - buy Storyline 2 or recruit an expert

Jul 09, 2016

Hi there, my name is Avril. I recently bought online course material from a company who used Storyline 2. I will need to make changes to the slides, i.e.make the slides interactive (videos) and move slides around to follow a logical sequence. Should I invest in buying Storyline 2 or recruit a freelancer to make these changes? I already spent quite a bit of money buying the course materials and videos. Would appreciate your advice.

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Michael Hinze

If this change to existing materials is a one-time situation, it would make sense to find a contractor to make these changes for you and then republish the updated content. If you expect regular changes on existing content or plan to create your own courseware in the future, it may be worthwhile to invest into your own copy of Storyline and learn how to use the software yourself.

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