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I've been asked to develop a demo of an onboard navigation system, using Articulate. Client wants the demo to look like a demo he saw for a smartphone, wherein a little hand moved around touching various icons on an image of the phone, which then showed what each icon leads to. The client wants the user to have some interaction with the program, selecting the functions he/she wants to look at, in his/her preferred order. It seems to me it will take a lot of motion paths to do this in PowerPoint. There is currently a flash movie demonstrating the system that allows the viewer to click on the function icons (I guess these are hyperlinks within the flash movie); this interactivity is no longer available when the flash movie is inserted into Articulate. Any ideas on how I can do this without creating motion paths on a series of ppt slides? Maybe an Engage interaction? All suggestions are appreciated!

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James Brown

I have seen a flash animation for a GPS done in the exact same manner. Basically when you click on a button an image of a hand appears and clicks on the button which then takes you to a screen that explains what the screen does. The only animation would be the hand and yes you would need motion paths. However with Power Point you do have action scripting which would allow you to jump to a slide when the user clicks on the button. I wish I could find the link to the GPS demo. It's a really good example of exactly what your client wants.

James Brown

This really isn't too hard to do. The buttons are links to different slides and the hand is a simple motion tween. Brian actually made some screenr's that do a really good job explaining how to do this.One he has is with two employees talking and you click on the button and on slide two is where you have a background tween. 

Me, I actually have Flash CS3 and I'm hoping to get the funds to buy Flash CS5. Anyway this type of animation is very easy to create in Flash. It's basically jumping to different scenes based on the click of a button. It may seem difficult but if you really look at this animation it's nothing more than a branching scenario.