Suggestions for improvement?

I was wondering whether anyone had an opinion about whether the attached Storyline interaction works. (There's no colour or anything because I wanted to keep it simple until I figured out the navigation, but suggestions about that would be welcome too). The problem is that there is a lot of options for a viewer to choose, and I'm afraid the slide gets too cluttered. However, I couldn't figure out an alternative. I also didn't know whether the way I return viewers to the menu works this way or not (originally, I didn't have a back button, but I just let viewers reconfigure options. However, I didn't think that was obvious enough. The central block is still there because I haven't made up my mind yet). Any suggestions would be welcome. (Right now, the only options that work are voiceless bilabial plosive and voiced bilabial plosive). This is a storyline presentation, but I also have storyline 2, so it is OK if you have to change it. Thanks in advance. 

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Joseph. Thanks for sharing your project with us. I agree that there's a lot going on on this slide, but I think the layout works pretty well and the navigation was clear & easy to follow. I do think it might feel more balanced if the text was on the left and the face profile image was on the right. An added benefit of that swap is that our eyes naturally scan the page/screen from left to right so folks will see the instructions/intent of the activity right off the bat.

I also think it might make the screen look less busy if you removed the lines from the two outer edge boxes (leaving only the checkbox options with a bounding border) or used a soft palette of background colors to ground the various screen elements.

All in all I think you've done a great job with a fairly complex layout! 

Joseph Flanagan


Thanks. Yeah I was thinking about moving them, but then I think the problem would be for the additional slides (I thought it would make more sense to have the videos on the right, and then the prose descriptions on the left. 

I like the of using background colours to ground the various screen elements, but I couldn't figure out which colours would go well. I was also thinking that maybe checkboxes aren't the way to go and instead use buttons (have to redesign the menu page, however, probably by removing the image). However, I got overwhelmed by trying to make all the colours work. I'm not an ID person but an academic. Anyways, thanks for your suggestions.