Suggestions for Job Title?

I’m hoping you all can give me some job title suggestions, please.

My current title is Technical Writer, but my scope has broadened way beyond technical wiring. My boss and I agree that I need a job title change.

My duties include:

  • Writing technical manuals
  • Writing marketing literature (data sheets, technical specifications and now getting my feet wet with case studies)
  • Creating eLearning courses (my favorite thing to do)
  • Managing eLearning courses on an LMS (configuring it was interesting, the administration of it is tedious but tolerable)
  • Maintaining our partner portal

I’m thinking “Product Communications Manager”. I want to keep the title broad enough that it includes all or most of my main duties. Any other ideas?

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Bob S

Hi Bridget,

First... congrats.  Sounds like a  great role and one that makes you pretty valuable to the team.

I love what you came up with, but know that some companies are funny about the word "manager' in a title. For those companies it denotes authority to decide direction, need, etc and not just responsibility for creation of materials. So if they balk at manager, maybe something like....

Lead product comms developer

Senior learning designer

Instructional designer and developer

 Technical and Marketing Communications Lead